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How do I pay my dues?

Secure payments can be made on the Homeowner Portal. Select the Make a Payment button to be directed to the payment processing service. Payments will be reflected in the portal 1-3 business days after you make the payment.

Payment Method

Payment Type


If you prefer to mail your payment, please make the check or money order out to your Association and send to the Property Payment Center to the address below.  Include your account number and property address on the payment.
Association Name :

The CIT auto draft can be found on their website. After you login, click on your address, then Scheduled Payments. Choose Edit Payment Schedule. If you want to disable the auto draft, the delete option is in the top right corner. If you need assistance, please reach out to their customer service at 866-800-4656.

The ACH can be updated or turned off by clicking on Payments from the list on the left-hand side of the dashboard. Above the Recent Messages box, you will see Auto-Draft: Enrolled edit. Click on Unenroll. You can confirm that it is off by clicking on Billing. The edit button should be gone and now say Enroll Now. If you need to update your bank information, you will need to unenroll first, then sign up again.

Click Request from the left menu and select General Request. Choose Billing Question in the dropdown when completing the form. You can select General Question if you need information about your association but not specifically about your Homeowner account.

Click Request from the left menu and select General Request to send us a message. Select General Question from the dropdown list in the form. Please provide the address(s) you want to link to your account and the primary mailing address if not affiliated with all accounts.

The first step to submitting a request is reviewing your association’s covenants. The Declaration of Covenants and any amendments are located on the Homeowner Portal under Documents. The ARC Form (Variance Request) is in the Forms folder under Documents, and also under Requests > ARC Request. Click Requests from the left menu and select ARC Request to download the ARC/Variance Request Form.

What do I need to submit my request?

How long does the review process take?

To request a certificate of insurance, visit Request Closing Documents. The insurance agency will email you the COI within 48-72 hours. If you do not receive the certificate after the waiting period, please contact our customer care team at 515-280-2014.


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